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Camp Survive

Camp Survive is a week-long junior high camp.  The primary focus of Camp Survive is to provide an environment where our students are immersed in the richness and beauty of their Catholic faith.  Students have the opportunity to attend daily Mass, go to confession, spend time worshipping our Lord in adoration, and connect with other youth their age through small groups and the many traditional activities of camp.

Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ!

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The answers to any question you could ever ask about camp

Nunc Coepi: nowI begin

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High School lEadership


Junior Counselor 

(completed 10th-12th grade)

Junior Counselor’s are staff volunteers who work alongside college-age staff, seminarians, and youth ministers in specific areas of ministry to the campers. JCs are a vital part of the camp community. They eat, sleep, work and pray with other students like themselves. Students may develop some of their strongest friendships while at Camp because of the intense nature of their time spent together.


Prayer Team

(completed 9th grade)

Prayer Team serves camp through intercessory prayer & behind-the-scenes service. Prayer Team is just for students going into 10th grade & is often people's favorite year of camp. Prayer Team memebers form close friendships with their fellow retretants & are discipled in prayer throughout the week. 

2023 Recap

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