TRIP 2021


Please use the link below to set up an ENGAGE account for online payments using your email.

To make a payment, log into your account,  click on the menu symbol, a series of stacked horizontal lines, and select "Billing" which will show you your current balance for your child(ren)'s 2021 summer trip.

You will see a balance due and it will show if any payments have been made.  This is your clue they are in the correct spot. 

Note: The payments shouldn't be made under giving.

Note: If you have already made payments via check you are still able to make final payments with ENGAGE via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or direct savings/checking bank account withdrawal.

Contact Jodi Phelps about Engage or Online billing at: jodi.phelps@duluthcatholic.org.

(If you have questions in the evening please call Jodi at: 218-343-6490)

Click Here to get started ->